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Nellie Keyes Park 2013 - 2014 Restoration & Tree Planting


Phase 1 and 2 Work Summary
The first phase for planting trees in our park was done thanks to the hard work of Nathan Vogt and lots of volunteers! The Rice Military Civic Club has helped Keith Edgar's AWAN who started the initiative, and I know that volunteers and money have come from this cooperation, just as both groups benefit from the result. And another round of thanks for the Garden Committee for agreeing to water the trees as they grow. This was a large group effort, and we appreciate all who have helped make it a reality!

The second phase included even more! We planted fruit trees around the garden and put in a swing!

Keith Edgar's Summary of the Event
Approximately 20 brave and dedicated neighborhood souls endured the breezy, cold day and planted 25 trees. Kung Fu provided the food. Please take a moment and walk the park and see the improvements.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and all who donated.

Thanks go out to the following:

  • Houston Parks Board for being the trustee of funds
  • Trees for Houston for supplying trees at a  discount and assisting with the planting
  • City of Houston Parks Department for installing water lines
  • Urban Harvest group for agreeing to water trees,
  • Nathan Vogt for his tireless effort of coordinating,
  • Keiji Asakura for determining the location of the trees and supplying the park diagram,
  • Gurrola Reprographics for supplying the signs
  • The Welling family for donating two Live Oaks
  • Council member Cohen and her staff for helping us navigate the city departments
  • The RMCC for a $1,000 donation. 

This success of this project proves that a little effort from a lot a people in an area can have a very positive outcome to improve a community.

We raised total of $5,695, $4,695 from 38 donors, average of $123.95 per donation + $1,000 from RMCC. Thanks to all that contributed.

Next Steps
1. We will be planting fruit trees around the garden in next month or so.
2. We will have excess funds from this project that stay with the Houston Parks Board as trustee.
3. We have to trim the big tree hanging over the fence so we can plant the final tree.

Since Nathan did an outstanding job of managing the expenses, we did not spend much. Many have indicated interest in a swingset, and it would be nice addition. The big expense is the foundation and total cost has been indicated to be around 5k. We are requesting $50.00 from each donor which should give us the money to add the swing.
Please click here to see additional pictures of tree planting event